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Yazd city of Wind Towers

Yazd city is the capital of Yazd province located in center of Iran. Yazd is one of the oldest cities in the world. Yazd is the first adobe city in the world and the second historic city after Venice . History of Yazd dates to the Sassanid era (224 – 650 AD ) . It is a living museum of Iranian traditional architecture, most famous for its Badgirs – wind towers. Wind catcher or wind tower is a traditional solution in deserted city architecture to even catch the breezes & lead them inside the houses & buildings to ventilate & a useful way of air conditioning.  

this city  is located in the driest area of Iran between Dasht-e-Lut & Dasht-e-Kavir deserts. Apart from its magnificent architecture , It is also well known for its different type of cookies, sweets & pastries . This city is the biggest community of Zoroastrians in Iran.

Zoroastrianism was the main religion in Persia before Islam conquered the country in around 650 AD. Still there is a population of estimated 30000 people lives in Iran which mostly live in Yazd & Tehran. They have an ancient fire temple in Yazd which will be described below.

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Y a z d city main attractions are as follow:

Yazd jame mosque: This ancient mosque is located in the center of city & it’s one of the best well remained monuments in Iran which can be a good example of magnificent architecture of its construction. It’s been constructed in three different times but the main foundations are the columns of it which has been built in Sassanid era ( 224-650 AD ). The contemporary look of it belong to Ilkhanate era (1256-1335 AD ).

The mosque is famous for its minarets which are the highest in Iran & the portal’s facade is decorated from top to bottom in dazzling tile work, predominantly blue in color. They had a creativity to make the interior even lighter by reflecting the sun light through its walls.  

 Zoroastrian fire temple: this fire temple is built in 1934 attracts so many visitors from around the world. Zoroastrians worship the fire as a symbol of God & keep the eternal flame in their temples. It is interesting to know that the flame in Yazd fire temple has been burning for more than 1500 years. This flame been transferred to this temple from a temple nearby in Ardakan city . Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd is located in Kashani street .

 Amir Chakhmaq complex : Amir Chakhmaq is the name of a complex in the city center of Yazd containing Mosque , bazaar & square . the landmark is a three story stunning façade with some attached buildings behind of it . Amir Chakhmaq complex is dated from Teimurid Era (1370-1405 AD) . chakhmaq was the ruler of Yazd & this complex was made by him with assistance of his wife .

Dowlat Abad garden : Dowlat Abad garden was built during Afsharieh time ( 1750-1796 AD ) by Mohammad Taghi Khan who was the ruler of Yazd in an area of 70000 Squar meter as his governing palace . The building inside is nicely adorned by the stained glass windows. Also the wind tower of Dowlat Abad garden is the highest in Yazd with 33 meters in height . it is located in Dowlat Abad boulevard .

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Attractions in cities around Yazd city is as below :

Chak Chak : Chak Chak in Ardakan is located around 60 km to Y a z d city . This mountainous place is the most sacred zoroastarian shrine. Every year on 14-18 Jun there is a gathering of Zoroastrians here & people from all around the globe come to Chak Chak . More …

Narin Castle in Meybod :  Meybod is also a traditional city with same ambiance of what you can find in Yazd located around  50 km from it . Narin castle is a historical site with unknown construction date . but it is obvious that it was an important castle during the Sassanid era ( 224-650 AD ) . We had numerous castles in Iran called Narin & the one in Meybod is the most famous one . Meybod itself is a mysterious historical city and the Narin castle is a proof of it . it is highly recommended to visit this mesmerizing city if you are in Yazd area . do not be satisfied of just visiting Yazd & visit Meybod & Ardakan cities too . on above of Narin castle you will have a very good view of the whole city just like the rulers of Meybod during the times ! Estimations by the archaeologists suggest that the castle is constructed in Sassanian times ( almost 1800 years ago ) . Castle walls , foundation , roofs & interior walls are made by a kind of mortar which we call it Sarooj containing Egg to even more resistant .and after passing some severe earthquakes the castle still stand as a symbol .

Meybod Dovecote tower : this dovecote tower belongs to Qajar time ( 1800s AD) & located just near the Narin Castle ( around 800 meter ) . Dovecote towers where used throughout Iran   to collect the pigeon & dove’s dung ( manure ) which is a very useful fertilizer .  Meybod Dovecot tower is a two story building which can house 4000 pigeons . there is a plastered ring around the tower in white color to prevent repltiles like snakes to get in & disturb the birds inside . some big bowls are installed on the roof to water the birds in the hot seasons .  interior architecture is also a masterpiece as it is built in a way to prevent the whole structure from destruction caused by birds vibration while they flutter .  


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