Vakil Bazaar


Vakil Complex in Shiraz contains of traditional Bazaar, bath & mosque which was built in Zandieh dynasty (1750 – 1794 AD ). The historic building was registered as national heritage about 76 years ago. Shiraz was Iran’s capital on that time & they needed to prepare these infrastructures so that the city deserves this title. This isn’t just a tourist trap like you find at similar spots around the world. Vakil Bazaar is a place where locals actually do their shopping. Vakil complex is located in heart of Shiraz . Vakil bazaar has a main lobby & some other subsidiary bazaars. Karimkhan Zand – the ruler of Iran in 18th century wanted to make Shiraz as the main trade center . The wide vaulted brick avenues are masterpieces of Zand architecture, with the design ensuring the interior remains cool in summer and warm in winter.This makes it a great place to escape the heat which can at times during the summer . The bazaar is best explored by wandering without concern for time or direction .The halls are filled with the smell of spices which lingers throughout the bazaar. It is an amazing & wonderful experience. Nowadays Vakil Bazaar is the center of 200 stores which sells handicrafts & precious carpets & rugs .

vakil bazaar

Vakil Mosque is also a magnificent historical attraction which is attached t the vakil bazaar . The entrance gates as well as the interior of the mosque are decorated with colored tiles in beautiful floral patterns.The Mosque covers an area of 8,660 square meters. It has only two iwans ( Porch )  instead of the usual four, on the northern and southern sides of a large open court. Prayer hall of  Vakil mosque is a building with 48 monolithic pillars carved in spirals & a Mihrab ( Minbar )  which is cut from a solid piece of green marble with a flight of 14 steps and is considered to be one of the master pieces of the Zand period.

To visit Vakil complex you just need to go to the zand street. 


Vakil complex

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