underground city of Huy


Underground city of Huy

Underground city of Huy is located 10 Km from Kashan city in Isfahan Province . This historical site is a new accidental discovery in Iran . around 10 years ago a local guy wanted to dig the ground of his courtyard to make the foundation of his new building and discovered the ruins of an underground city belongs to at least 1500 years ago !! After the first season of excavations has been accomplished it is clarified that the city is called Huy and was a shelter under the original city in order to protect the nation from enemy invasions. the city is around 18 meter under the ground with lots of corridors , halls , steps etc height to max 180 cm . By looking at the site architecture , experts agree that they carved the surface by a device made of diamond . they used an air conditioning system to lead the fresh air into the rooms by some channels which made it possible to stay under the ground for a longer time . according to the new excavations this underground city is estimated to more than 5000 meter area .

Noosh Abad city where the underground city of Huy is located under of it , is 10 km far from the Kashan city . Noosh Abad means the city made by Noosh or Anooshiravan the great king Of Sasanian Empire ( 224 - 651 AD ) .

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