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Tehran is the capital of Iran and Tehran Province since 1778. With a population of around 10 million and surpassing 14 million in the wider metropolitan area, Tehran is Iran’s largest city and urban area, and the largest city in Western Asia.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, this city has been the subject of mass migration of people from all around Iran. The massive capital of Iran is now home to many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples. However, modern structures, notably Azadi (Liberty) Tower and the Milad Tower, have come to symbolize the city.


Tehran is ranked 29th in the world by the population of its metropolitan area. Throughout Iran’s history, the capital has been moved many times, and Tehran is the 32nd national capital of Iran although it has been Iran’s capital for 240 years. In pre-Islamic and early Islamic times, Tehran was an unimportant village and part of the area of present-day

Tehran features a semi-arid, continental climate. Tehran’s climate is largely defined by its geographic location, with the towering Alborz Mountains to its north and the central desert to the south. It can be generally described as mild in the spring and autumn, hot and dry in the summer, and cold in the winter.

Tehran has a wide range of shopping opportunities, from traditional bazaars to shopping districts and modern shopping malls. The great Bazaar of Tehran and the Tajrish bazaar are the biggest traditional bazaars in Tehran. Shopping districts such as Valiasr, Shariati, Mirdamad have shopping with a wide range of different shops. Big malls like Tirajeh, Golestan, Hyperstar and smaller shopping centers like Tandis, Golestan and Safavieh are popular among Tehran’s population and visitors. Most of the international brands and upper class shops are located in the northern and western part of the city, and the rest of the shops are distributed in all the areas of the city.

Tehran has many modern and chic restaurants, serving both traditional Iranian and cosmopolitan cuisine. The most popular dish of the city is the chelow kabab (kabob/kebab is originally a Persian word meaning grilled or roasted meat). However, Western-style fast food is so popular, especially within the younger generation. Pizza, sandwich and kebab shops make up the majority of other food outlets in the city.

Tehran distance to the other main cities of Iran are as below :

Tehran – Yazd 620 KM – Around 7 hour driving

Tehran – Isfahan 450 KM – Around 5 hour driving

Tehran – Shiraz 930 KM – Around 11 hour driving

Tehran – Mashad 900 KM – Around 10 hour driving

Tehran – Tabriz 650 KM – Around 8 hour driving

Tehran – Kerman 985 KM – Around 11 hour driving

Tehran – Rasht 326 KM – Around 4:30 hour driving

Tehran – Hamedan 320 KM – Around 4 hour driving

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Main Attractions :

Golestan Palaces : 

The Golestan Palace, literally the Roseland Palace, is the former royal Qajar complex in Iran’s capital city. the Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran’s Historic Arg (citadel).More …

Sadabad Palaces : 

The Saadabad Palace is a palace built by the Pahlavi dynasty in Tehran and currently official residence of the President of Iran.The complex was first inhabited by Qajar monarchs and royal family in the 19th century. After an expansion of the compounds, Reza Shah lived there in the 1920s. And his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi moved there in the 1970s.After the Iranian Revolution, the complex became a museum. However, the current presidential palace is located adjacent to the Sa’dabad compound. More … 

Azadi Tower : 

Azadi ( freedom or liberty ) Tower is Tehran symbolic landmark . it’s been built in commemoration of the 2500th anniversary of Persian empire . Construction accomplished in 1971 .  It is all made of white marble stones which was carried from Isfahan . The tower height is 45 meter containing three levels inside . the architecture is inspired by a combination of Persian architecture of different times .More … 

Tehran Bazaar : 

Tehran Bazaar is a traditional & historic market located in the heart of Tehran . Architecture is what you can expect from a traditional middle eastern market. There is no definite date for its construction but since Qajar time ( 1800 onward ) Tehran bazaar has had a crucial role in economic & social aspect . Tehran bazaar acted a central base in the political movements during the different times especially in Islamic revolution in 1979.More … 

Saint Sarkis Cathedral : 

Saint Sarkis Cathedral is an Armenian Apostolic church in Tehran, Iran.The construction of St. Sarkis Church in Tehran began from 1964 and was complete by 1970. The church was built by Sarkisian brothers in memory of their parents. More …

National Museum : 

Iran national museum (موزه ملی ایران  ) built in 1930s is one of the most creditable museums in the world with more than 300 thousand historic objects . it’s been built in an area of more than 20 thousand square meter in two blocks . The first and main block is about the objects from pre historic times till the Islamic time & the second block is for the objects from early Islamic time to the contemporary centuries.More … 

 Milad Tower : 

Tehran Milad Tower (برج میلاد تهران) , a new Iranian symbol of  art, culture and civilization is the most significant structure in Metropolis Tehran and the fifth world tallest tower.The tower approximate weight is about 150 thousand tons, maximum diameter of the head structure is 60 meters at 280 meters level, the total volume of the project’s concrete is about 63 thousand cubic meters, and the volume of glass consumed is about 17 thousand square meters.More …

 Chitgar Lake  : 

Chitgar lake ( Also known as Khalij Fars( Persian Gulf )  Lake )  is a manmade lake located in west part of Tehran & constructed in 2012 as an entertainment complex . it takes 60 minute to get there from the city center considering the traffic. It’s a new developed part of Tehran with the high rises in its surroundings . we recommend you to pay a visit there as an attraction to take some memorable pictures .More … 

Abdol Azim Shrine  : 

Abdol Azim shrine (حرم عبدالعظیم حسنی)is located in south east part of Tehran in Rey City . more than two century ago Tehran was a small village attached to Rey city and Abdol Azim Shrine was the central mosque in this city . Abdol Azim is one of the grandsons of Hassan Bin Ali ( second Shiite imam ) and an Islamic cleric is his time . there Is no exact date for the construction of this monument but in the 9th century A.D its been renovated .More …

National Jewelry Museum  : 

Iran National jewelry Museum ( موزه جواهرات ملی  ) is the most precious collection of gemstones & crown jewels remain from the ancient Persian kings . every traveler would like to visit this museum once they arrive to Tehran .More …

Niavaran Palaces & Museum  : 

Niavaran Palaces & museum ( کاخ موزه نیاوران  ) is a historical complex located in north part of Tehran which was built in Qajar era ( around 200 years ago ) . it was the summer home of Qajarid kings .  This complex is a most recommended site to visit during your stay in Tehran . It is including of Saheb- gheraniyeh Palace , Kushk – AhmadShahi Pavilion , Main Niavaran Palace , jahan-Nama Museum ,  King’s Car exhibition , Cafeteria & tea House .More …

Abgineh ( Glass ) Museum  : 

Abgineh Museum (موزه آبگینه تهران ) is a glass history museum located just next to the Iran National museum. The building itself has lots of attractions in regards of its architecture. Formerly it was the residence of Ghavam Al- saltaneh the minister of Ahmad Shah Qajar & then the Egyptian embassy.More … 

Museum of Contemporary Art  : 

Tehran museum of contemporary art is an exhibition of 3000 objects from most famous Iranian & international contemporary artists . there you can find masterpieces from Picasso , Pierre-Auguste Renoir , Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec , Paul Gauguin, Max Ernst , René Magritte etc. also there are so many nice pieces from Iranian artists which can make your stay longer in there .More … 

Tehran Carpet Museum  : 

carpet museum (موزه فرش تهران ) is one of the best places recommended to visit during your stay in Tehran . its located in city center next to the Laleh Park . it s a two level building and the exterior style is inspired of a carpet loom . the museum opened in 1978 . the Pazyryk Carpet which is the oldest ever carpet discovered ( 500 BC ) is been exhibited in the first floor .More … 

Tughrul Tower  : 

Tughrul Tower ( برج طغرل تهران  ) is a magnificent historic monument remained from Seljuk empire ( around 12th century ) . This tower is a memorial monument for the great Seljuk king – Tugrul Beik who died in Rey city . Rey was a very important city in those times but now is attached to Great Tehrann.  The tower height is 20 meter now , but its obvious that it had a dome that during the time it’s been destroyed .More … 

Saleh Mausoleum :

Saleh mausoleum is one of the most visited religious shrines in Tehran with daily approximately 30000 visitors

Imam Khomeini Tomb :

The imam Khomeini mausoleum is located in south part of Tehran near Tehran’s main cemetery in an area of 5000 acres . it is the grave of Iran’s Islamic republic founder – ayatollah Khomeini


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