Tehran Bazaar

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Tehran Bazaar

Tehran is not that old comparing other cities like isfahan , Shiraz or kerman . Agha mohammad khan the founder of Qajarid dynasty ( 1796 – 1925 ) announced Tehran as his capital . most of Tehran attractions are constructed in 1800s . tehran was a village before Qajars but now after almost 200 years is one of the biggest metropolitans in the world with population of 12 million .  Tehran Bazaar is a traditional & historical market located in the heart of Tehran . Islamic Architecture is what you can expect from a traditional middle eastern market. There is no definite date for its construction but since Qajar time ( 1800 onward ) Tehran bazaar has had a crucial role in economic & social aspect . Tehran bazaar acted a central base in the political movements during the different times especially in Islamic revolution in 1979.

It has so many entrances which guides you to specific corridors categorized on the type of goods such as cooper , paper , shoes , iron , valuable metals , carpet etc. Imam Khomeini ( formerly shah ) mosque is also another attraction attached to Tehran Bazaar . a four portico monument with a big interior yard which is a historical mosque constructed in Qajarid era in 180 years ago .  

tehran bazaar

There are some attractions near the Tehran bazaar so you can manage your time to see them all . Golestan Palaces , city park & imam Khomeini Mosque , Iran National museum ( archeological museum ) are the attractions which you can see them all by walking distance . we explain these attractions in separate posts in this website so you can get more information on how to get there & what you can expect to visit there . our team is also available there for a city tour & explanation .

How to get there : it is in the central of Tehran . ask the taxi driver to take you to the sabzeh meydoon .


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