Saint Sarkis Cathedral


 Saint Sarkis Cathedral

Saint Sarkis Cathedral is an Armenian Apostolic church in Tehran, Iran.

The construction of St. Sarkis Church in Tehran began from 1964 and was complete by 1970. The church was built by Sarkisian brothers in memory of their parents.

At beginning the Tehran prelacy was located at conjunction of St. Mother Mary Church in central Tehran. In the early 1960s it was decided to change the site of the prelacy offices into new location. So therefore the bishop and committee members of the time requested to an Armenian benefactor Markar Sarkissian to help them in this cause. So the committee bought the land located at end of Villa Street (now called Nejatollahi Street). In 2006 Mr. Hrair Hagopian renovated the baptism pool and the church in memory of his beloved wife Vartoohi Davidian.

saint sarkis cathedral

Christianity in Iran has a very long story dating back to the early years of faith . Christianity has always been permitted inside Iran but as a minority . at the time being there are almost 600 churches in Iran & the population of Christians estimates as 300000 . most of the churches in Tehran are belonging to the Armenian orthodox and the rest of them are Assyrian Orthodox or Assyrian catholic churches . all together we have 40 centers related to Christianity in Tehran belonging to different branches of Christianity which are permitted to do their activities & highly respected by the majority .  

list of Churches in Tehran

Orthodox churches

Armenian Orthodox

Sarkis Cathedral Armenian Apostolic Cathedral and Prelacy – KarimKhan Blvd. – 1970
Saint George Armenian Apostolic Church – Shahpur Ave. – 1795
Sts. Thaddeus-Bartholomew Armenian Apostolic Church – Tehran Grand Bazaar – 1768
Saint Minas Armenian Apostolic Church – Vanak – 1854
Holy Mary  Armenian Apostolic Church – Qavam St. – 1945
Holy Translators Armenian Apostolic Church – Vahidieh – 1868
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Apostolic Church – Majidieh – 1982
Saint Vardan  Armenian Apostolic Church – Heshmatieh – 1986
Saint John Chapel – Doulab Armenian Cemetery – 1936
Saint Stephen Chapel – Nor Burastan Armenian Cemetery – 1974
Holy Cross  Chapel – Ararat Stadium – 1987

Assyrian Orthodox

Saint George  Assyrian Church of the East – Bagh-e-Shah – 1962
Holy Mary  Assyrian Church of the East – Sarbaz St. – 1978

Orthodox expatriate community churches

Greek church of Virgin Mary, Tehran
Holy Mary Greek Orthodox Church – Mofatteh St. – 1941
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Tehran – Mofatteh St. – 1945
Russian Orthodox Chapel – Dulab Russian Cemetery

Catholic churches

Armenian Catholic churches

Armenian-Catholic church in Tehran, (2011(
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Catholic Church – Ghazali St. – 1954
Saint Joseph Armenian Catholic Church – Mirdamad Blvd. – 1963
Holy Mary Armenian Catholic Church – Yusefabad
Armenian Catholic Chapel – Dulab Armenian Catholic Cemetery – 1946

Assyrian Catholic churches

Saint Joseph Assyrian Catholic Church – Forsat St. – 1950
Holy Virgin Assyrian Catholic Church – Appadana St.
Assyrian Catholic Chapel – Eslamshahr Catholic Cemetery – 1967

Roman Catholic churches

Cathedral of the Consolata
Saint Abraham’s Church, Dominican Catholic Church – Jamalzadeh Shomali St. – 1966
Holy Heart of Christ Roman Catholic Church – Old Shemiran Road – 1920
Holy Mary Roman Catholic Church – France St. – 1937
St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church Taheri Str, off Ferdowsi St. – 1945
St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Protestant churches

Interior of the German Speaking Church in Tehran (2011)

Evangelical Church of Iran

St. Peter Protestant Church – Qavam St. – 1873
Emmanuel Protestant Church – Tavanir St. – 1972
Saint John Armenian Protestant Church – Nader Shah Ave. – 1964
St. Thomas Assyrian Evangelical Church – Amirabad – 1967

Anglican church

St. Paul Anglican Church – Hafez St. – 1967

Assemblies of God

Jama’at-e Rabbani (Assemblies of God) Church – Takht-e-Jamshid Ave. – 1971

Brotherhood church

Armenian Evangelical Brotherhood Church – Aban St. – 1970
Assyrian Brotherhood Church – ShahrAra St.



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