Saadabad Palaces

saadabad palaces

Saadabad Palaces


Saad Abad Palaces built in an area of almost 110 hectare in north part of Tehran . it was the residences of Qajarid ( 1796-1926 ) & pahlavid ( 1925 – 1979 ) kings . The complex was first inhabited by Qajar monarchs and royal family in the 19th century. After an expansion of the compounds, Reza Shah lived there in the 1920s. And his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi moved there in the 1970s.

There are 18 palaces in Saadabad complex which has been altered to musuems after the Islamic revolution in 1979 . Two main buildings are white house & green house which we describe them in detail .

White house : this palace is a two level building which was the main residence of Mohammad reza Pahlavi ( the second pahlavid king & last Iranian monarch ) & his queen . First floor was for reception or public meetings , dining rooms & second level was the bedrooms , most private dining room & private meetings . There is also a museum in the basement for the contemporary art from all around the world .

saadabad palaces

Green house : green house is older than the white house as it was the residence of first pahlavid king – Reza Shah . it is also a two level building with a basement . as this palace is all made of green marble , they called it the green house . you should take a local vehicle to reach the green house from white house . if you intend to walk this distance , it takes 10 minute but the road is nice & worth to walk .   Reza shah bedroom, waiting rooms , office & meeting rooms are all located in the first floor . Dining rooms are in the basement .

Just near the green house there is also a four room building remaining from Qajarid time which is dedicated to Omidvar brothers , Iranian tourists who travelled round the world for seven years started in 1954 . First three years with their motorcycles !! And the rest of the four years with a car .

Other buildings & palaces also changed to various museums such as water museum in Mohammd Reza shah private office building about water, ways of water purifying, sweetening, transferring etc . Museum of Persian script & handwriting arts in daughter of mohammad reza residence – Farahnaz .

Royal porcelain & chinaware museum in Ashraf Pahlavi ( reza shah sister residence ) & at last the royal cars museum in an open area .



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