Qavam House in Shiraz


Qavam House Shiraz

Qavam House in Shiraz also known as Narenjestan Ghavam garden or Narenjestan Garden is an ancient complex containing of a historical monument, museum & a yard full of sour orange trees . Narenjestan means sour orange groove. Inside the building you will find brilliant tile works, mirror works, wood carving , stucco etc. Main building on the North part of the complex is renovated and now opened as a historical museum . Architecture of the buildings are basicly from Zandieh era & then the other attachments to the buildings & art works added in Qajar Era . Building has 20 rooms & chambers all together for the residents & guests .

qavam house shiraz


University of shiraz is the beneficiary of the whole complex .   Ghavam house in shiraz is located in city center in Lotf ali khan street in the old part of the city . other attractions such as Shah Cheragh Holy shrine & Nasir Al Mulk Mosque or Vakil Bazaar & vakil Mosque are by walking distance . so it is recommended to visit all these attractions at the same time . You should allocate three to four hours to visit them all . in each of these attractions there are museums & detailed beauties which needs concentration .   


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Ghavam House in Shiraz

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