Niavaran Palaces & Musuem in Tehran

Niavaran Palaces

 Niavaran Palaces & museum ( کاخ موزه نیاوران  ) is a historical complex located in north part of Tehran which was built in Qajar era ( around 200 years ago ) . It was the summer home of Qajarid kings .  This complex is a most recommended site to visit during your stay in Tehran , including of Saheb- gheraniyeh Palace , Kushk – AhmadShahi Pavilion , Main Niavaran Palace , jahan-Nama Museum ,  King’s Car exhibition , Cafeteria & tea House .

In Qajarid &  Pahlavi Eras this complex was their main residence . as below we try to give you some brief information & invite you to pay a visit. To get more information of our tours including Niavaran Palaces you can browse the website for Tehran city tours or round iran tours inclusive of Tehran .

niavaran palaces

Saheb- Gheraniyeh Palace : This palace is built in Naser Aldin Shah ( forth king of Qajar dynasty ) for the memorial of his first 30 years of ruling in Iran . In Pahlavid Era some renovations & reconstructions has been made in there . Furniture & ornaments are all imported from Europe mostly from France .

Kushk – AhmadShahi Pavilion : this building in two floors built as the main residence of Ahmad Shah ( Last king of Qajar dynasty ) while he was the prince . It covers an area of 800 Sq. Meters .

Main Niavaran Palace : Niavaran Palace built in 1958 in an area of 9000 square meters and two floors . It took nine years to be accomplished . floors are surfaced by the precious black granite stone while the ceilings if of aluminum . the special event of 1978 Christmas Eve of Pahlavi king and Jimmy Carter ( United states president of that time ) took place in this Palace .

jahan-Nama Museum : This museum is for the gifts , sovenirs & the artistic items which has been dedicated to Qajar and Pahlavi kings from all around the world . in Jahan Nama museum you can find masterpieces from Picasso , Dali , Renoir , Georges Braque , Paul Gauguin etc.

Timings : All days from 09 am to 5 pm .

Tell : +98 21 22282020


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