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Iran National jewelry Museum ( موزه جواهرات ملی  ) is the most precious collection of gemstones & crown jewels remain from the ancient Persian kings . Every traveler would like to visit this museum once they arrive to Tehran . All items are in almost 36 show cases . Due to its limited opening hours we recommend you to consult with our team for arrangements or choose one of our tour or city tours for better time consuming program .

national jewelry museum tehran

In this page briefly some important items are described .

Daryaye Noor Diamond : this diamond is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world with weight of 182 carats which is brought to Iran as a trophy of Nader shah invasion to India in 1739 . Daryaye Noor means the sea of light is in pale pink color which is one of the rarest colors of diamond.

Pahlavi crown : after Qajar dynasty , Pahlavis conquered Iran . Reza Shah , the first Pahlavi king , refused to use the inherited crown from qajars which was named as Kiani Crown and ordered a new Crown to be made by the Serajedin who was the most well-known jeweler of that time in Asia . The crown is more than 2 kg weight and made of 3380 diamond pieces, 5 big piece of emerald , 2 piece of sapphire and 368 pearl .

Naderi Paisley : this paisley was mostly used by Reza Shah Pahlavi is inclusive of emerald & diamond in different shapes & weights.

Bejeweled Globe : this magnificent masterpiece is made of 34 KG pure gold plus more than 51000 diamond and other gemstones ordered by Naser aldin Shah ( forth King of Qajar dynasty ) in 1800s . Seas and oceans are covered with emerald while the lands and arid areas are covered by Rubies .

Golden belt : also ordered by Naser Aldin Shah is a golden belt with a unique weight of 176 carats ornamented by 6 brilliants & 145 diamonds .

Takht tawoos ( peacock throne ) : this throne made by the order of Fath Ali Shah ( third Qajar King ) as a gift to his fiancée – Mrs.Tawoos when she was just 9 years old . Peacock throne is all made of gemstones & it is totally priceless.

Timings : 14 to 16:30 Saturday , Sunday , Monday & Tuesday.

Tell : +98 21 6446 3785


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