Naghsh Rostam in Shiraz


Naghsh Rostam in Shiraz

Naghsh Rostam is an ancient area located 6 km from Persepolis & 50 km from Shiraz city . Naghsh rostam is the most brilliant necropolis in Iran where you can see the tombs of Achemenian Kings carved out of the rock on the mountain wall. Tombs of Darius the great, Xerxes , Artaxerxes & Darius ll . After the invasion of Alexander the precious belongings were looted from the tombs.  Along with the tombs there are some valuable reliefs from Sassanid dynasty (224 -651 AD).

There is also a monument named Kabe Zartosht which means the cube of Zoroaster just 50 meter from the reliefs. Function of this building is unknown, some believes it was used for religious ceremonies . some believes it was a fire altar or a place of eternal flame memorial to the kings tombs  . there are two inscrptions on the walls of Kabe zartosht belongs to Sassanid dynasty which is a good historical reference .naghsh rostam shiraz

to Visit this historical site you need to book a car & a local tour guide as there is no shuttle service from shiraz city. mostly tourists visit Naghsh Rostam while visiting along persepolis which is a nearby historical site . to know more about the tours including these sites please visit our tour section or contact us through our email :   


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