Milad Tower milad tower

Milad Tower

Tehran Milad Tower (برج میلاد تهران) , a new Iranian symbol of  art, culture and civilization is the most significant structure in Metropolis Tehran and the fifth world tallest tower.The tower approximate weight is about 150 thousand tons, maximum diameter of the head structure is 60 meters at 280 meters level, the total volume of the project’s concrete is about 63 thousand cubic meters, and the volume of glass consumed is about 17 thousand square meters.

 The complex contains the convention center, The Sport Field, The Open Restaurants, lobby with 6 escalators, tower body , Observation Platform, Revolving Restaurant, cafeteria and Open Observation deck.

 The overall shape of the building’s structure consists of a central octagon with several internal walls and four trapezoidal shaped parts. The main body of the structure starts from the foundation (zero level) and extends up to level 315. The tower shaft consists of a concrete structure and in four areas of shaft there are 6 elevators with the speed of seven meters per second, taking the visitors to the top of the tower in less than 50 seconds.

milad tower

 Milad Tower claims first place in the world with its largest revolving restaurant, at a height of 276 meters, the restaurant is located on the sixth floor of the head structure and has a capacity to serve more than 300 people in a serene and pleasant atmosphere.

In the past ten years Tehran improved its appearance by adding so many new attractions & symbols deserving a city of more than 12 million population . Milad Tower , Chitgar Lake & surroundings , Negarestan Garden , Persian Iranian Garden , International Botanical Garden , Abo Atash Park , Tabiat Bridge & Holy War museum are among them . These Attractions are located in different parts of the city & we recommend you to visit them accompanying with a tour guide . We can Guide you to make a program to see as much as of them without in most appropriate time .   



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