Kerman , Capital of Date Palms & Pistachio

 Kerman is a central province in Iran near to Yazd & Fars. Kerman city is the capital of this province with more than 800000 populations. Kermaan city is one of the oldest cities in Iran. There has been so many historical events happened in there & you will find so many historical monuments in and around the Kerman city & in the neighborhood. Kerman history backs to Achemenian era ( 550 – 330 BC ) . On the bas reliefs remains from Achemenian time , Kerman name has been mentioned as one of the important counties . weather in this area is mild in summer with average temp of 25 – 35 C & cold in winter with average temp of 0 – 10 C .  Kerman city distance to the other main cities are 995 KM to Tehran , 685 KM to Isfahan , 565 Km to Shiraz , 370 KM to Yazd & 940 KM to Mashhad . Kerman is the main Iranian producer of pistachios & dates .


Kerman main attractions are :

Ganjali Khan complex : Ganjali Khan complex containing historical monuments from Safavid era ( 1501 – 1736 AD ) such as Square , School , Bathhouse , Caravanserai , Mosque & water reservoir .  this cmplex is located in the kerman city center attached to kermaan bazaar .

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine: this shrine is the tomb of Shah Nematoolah vali , a poet , philosopher & mystic who died in kerman in 1431 AD. This place is in Mahan city which is about 25 KM from kermaan city .

Shazdeh Garden Mahan : Shazdeh garden is a 5 hectare Area 6 KM outside mahan city & 30 KM Kerman city . this Garden was built in 1850s & has two main buildings .

Zoroastrian museum: this is an anthropology museum of Zoroastrian society & the only one in the world . it was built in an ancient fire temple . it is located near the Moshtaghieh square in Kerman city center .

Jabalieh Dome: Jabalieh or rock Dome is a very ancient building in west part of kernan city . the functioning of this building is unknown . Some says it was a fire temple or a tomb of a mystic Zoroastrian belonging to the Sassanid era ( 224 -651 AD ) . The monument is all made of stone & people believes it was made by the camel milk instead of wter , that’s why it is still very well remained . Jabalieh is located in Shohada Street near the Qaem park.

Rayen castle: Rayen castle – citadel is located around 80 KM from kermaan city . this citadel is covering an area of 22000 square meter and has a very long history dated to Sassanid era ( 224 – 651 AD ) . the castle inside has walls of 10 meter high . The citadel is all adobe made .

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