Kashan Traditional Houses

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Kashan Traditional Houses

tabatabaee traditional house kashan

Kashan Traditional Houses

Kashan the oasis city located between Isfahan & Tehran . Kashan is a touristy city with population of 300000 & most famous for its traditional houses , Mosques & gardens . Kashan & surroundings are also very famous for Rose water production .Kashan is about 230 Km from Tehran .

Almost all of the Kashan Traditional Houses have been built in late 18th century as a result of reconstruction needed after a severe earthquake. In Safavid Era (1501-1736 ) Iran had a good trading relationship with its northern neighbor , Russia . Persian merchants from Kashan became more wealthy due to their trades with their Russian ones by exporting handicrafts & dry fruits to Russia & importing things like samovar & chandeliers .

There is something very interesting to know about Kashan traditional houses ( Iranian desert architecture )  that the windows are opened just to the inside of the house . Desert – type traditional houses have no windows to the outside .

There are several architecturally unique houses in Kashan which we take a look at some of them below :


Tabatabaee Traditional House

Tabatabaee house is one of the traditional desert architecture symbols & examples located in Kashan City Center. This beautiful house has been built by Jafar Tabatabaee , a wealthy carpet merchant in 1834. It contains 40 rooms & 200 doors! The house has 4700 sq meters & has three divisions of internal (for the family members ) , external area for the guests & servant quarter . in Persian architecture , houses should be at least devided by two parts of interior for family members as a private section and exterior section for the guest reception ,greetings or  meetings.Tabatabaee Traditional House Kashan

The entire house is concealed from the street. According to a tradition in Persian architecture, the wealthy Persian people didn’t want their property to have a luxury looking from outside. When you enter any of these traditional houses you will be surprised by the magnificence of its internal architecture. Stained glass windows, mirror works on the walls & the courtyard are the main attributes of this house.  All other Kashan traditional houses are by walking distance of each other .

Boroujerdi House

This house is also built by the same architect who built the tabatabaee house & is just near to it. This house is also flanked by two parts of summer & winter houses. In one of the rooms a carpet design carved in relief on the ceiling . on the top of the summer division , there is a wind-catcher tower scheme  which is the city landmark on stamps , logos etc.


Abbasian House

Abbasian house is a monument in an area of 7000 Square meters & in 5 levels . it has 5 seperated courtyards in interior ( private ) section , exterior ( guest reception ) , service section etc . The main property constructed in 1870 . this elegant house belonged to Mr. Ebrahimi who was a chinaware merchant . then  the property inherited to Mr.Alavi who was a very respectful Muslim priest . After almost 50 years family members sold the property to Mr.Abbasian who was a carpet merchant & now the house is famous under his name .

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