Jame Mosque Yazd


Jame mosque of Yazd

Jame mosque of Yazd is an ancient mosque which located in the center of Yazd city & it is  one of the best well remained historical monuments in Iran which can be a good example of magnificent architecture of its construction.

Jame mosque of Yazd has been constructed in three different times but the main foundations are the columns of it which has been built in Sasanid era ( 224-651 AD ). But the contemporary look of it belong to Ilkhanate era (1256-1335 AD ).

The mosque is famous for its minarets which are the highest in Iran & the portal’s facade is decorated from top to bottom in dazzling tile work, predominantly blue in color. They had a creativity to make the interior even lighter by reflecting the sun light through its walls .  

Yazd is one of the oldest cities in the world. Yazd is the first adobe city in the world and the second historic city after Venice . History of Yazd dates to the Sassanid era (224 – 650 AD ) . It is a living museum of Iranian traditional architecture, most famous for its Badgirs – wind towers.

jame mosque of yazd

jame mosque of yazd

Yazd is located in the driest area of Iran between Dasht-e-Lut & Dasht-e-Kavir deserts. Apart from its magnificent architecture , Yazd is also well known for its different type of cookies, sweets & pastries . Yazd is the biggest community of Zoroastrians in Iran.


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