Jame Mosque Isfahan


Jame Mosque Isfahan

The Jameh Mosque Isfahan (Persian: مسجد جامع اصفهان‎ – ) is the grand, congregational mosque (Jameh Mosque) of Isfahan city, within Isfahan Province, Iran. The mosque is the result of continual construction, reconstruction, additions and renovations on the site from around 771 to the end of the 20th century. The Grand Bazaar of Isfahan can be found towards the southeast wing of the mosque. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012.

The cupolas and piers that form the hypostyle area between the Iwans ( portico ) are undated and varied in style, endlessly modified with repairs, reconstructions and additions.

The origins of this mosque lie in the 8th century, but it burnt down and was rebuilt again in the 11th century and went through remodeling many times. As a result it has rooms built in different architectural styles, so now the mosque represents a condensed history of the Iranian Architecture. Jame mosque of Isfahan is a Museum rather than a religious site . Every single corner of this Mosque has something to explain about historical events happened in there. Most of nowadays look of the mosque is from Seljuk Era ( 1037 -1194 ) .

jame mosque isfahan

It has so many entrances which guides you to the main yard with a grand Iwan ( portico ) in each direction . Tile works & stucco ornaments are often from safavid Era ( 1501 – 1736 ) . In the main hall of the mosque ( Shabestan in Persian ) , there is a Mihrab ( cozy corner for the prayer ) which is a world class landmark of Jame mosque Isfahan . This Mihrab is built in Ilkhanid Era ( 1256 – 1335 ) . Every visitor is mesmerized by looking at the details & ornaments carved on this masterpiece . We recommend you to visit this site with a professional tour guide who can describe it in detail.



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