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Iran is the land of smiles & hospitality . Iranian people are the most peaceful people in the region . every where you go you will be pleased with smiles & invitation to join them fo a tea or refreshment .


Above you can see some tehran attractions at a glance . Tehran - the capital is a city of more than 10 milion population . everywhere you go you will find an attraction . the city has many museums , historical monuments , landmarks , gardens & parks . 




in this Video you can have an idea about the very famous city of achemenian dynasty - persepolis . you can also take a look at the Persepolis page to get more information .



Iran through the eyes of a japanese tourist , a clip by Tomofumi Tagai , A Japanese tourist and his footage in Tehran , Shiraz Isfahan etc . 

A Visual Journey through Iran : Sistan&Baluchistan from Ebrahim Mirmalek .

A nice clipabout iran called IRAN 2016 with an inspiring background music 


curves of Iran , a nice work by Stanislas Giroux 

A nice clip of Tehran streets by TarantisT group , this group is a Rock music band from Tehran .

Travel to Iran / Voyage en Iran


If you want a glimpse at a trip to this beautiful country, this is the movie you must see ... A summary of Dom Bea Brand 4 weeks in Iran


A clip by Clive Potter of his trip to the north part of Iran in the province of Gilan , mostly his interactions with people of Rasht city And Anzali port . 

TabaTabaee House  is one of the traditional desert architecture symbols & examples located in Kashan City Center.

Golestan Palaces Tehran 

Golestan Palaces Tehran 

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