Iran National Museum

Iran national museum


Iran national museum (موزه ملی ایران  ) built in 1930s is one of the most creditable museums in the world with more than 300 thousand historic objects . It has been built in an area of more than 20 thousand square meter in two blocks . National Museum is the mother museum in Iran which is containing items found & moved here from all around Persian plateau . this means unlike the museums like Louvre or Hermitage , no items has been snatched . 

Formerly It was divided into two main divisions of Pre Islamic & Islamic eras , but from 2015 there is a new section belonging to the object discovered in Persia plateau date back to pre historic time . so if you visited this museum it is recommended to visit it again to see this new section too .  The second and main block is about the objects from historic times till the Islamic time & the third section – Islamic division which is located in the second block is for the objects from early Islamic time to the contemporary centuries in two floors . In Islamic section you obviously can see the difference of cultural & architectural motifs of the ones from pre Islamic era .Iran national museum

Iran national museum is the first place recommended to the tourists to visit as they can have a wide knowledge about Iran . Its history , geography , culture etc . Iran National museum is by walking distance of other historical & cultural attractions such as Glass museum , Post museum , Golestan Palaces & Tehran Grand bazaar . You may visit them all together in 4 to 5 hours . If you would like to visit them individually it is recommended to pay a visit in weekends ( in Iran Thursdays & Fridays ) as there are all located in Tehran market place witch is a bit noisy & have heavy traffic . also all of these places have entrance fees & it takes time to purchase the tickets . 

Timings : 9 am to 6 pm all days except for some public holidays

Address : 30 Tir Ave, Imam Khomeini Ave, Tehran , Iran


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