Iran Historical Attractions & Monuments

Iran Historical attractions

Iran Historical attractions

Historical sites & monuments are the main touristy attraction of Iran. First Iranian empires dates back to 3000 years ago.   Due to its geopolitical situation, Persia (Iran ) played a crucial role in the world history . so many times was invaded by its neighbors or even far enemies such as romans , moguls, Uzbeks, Turks , Russians etc. seven times during the history been totally occupied and more than 1200 wars occurred in Iran plateau ( greater Iran ) .Iran Historical Attractions

Modern Iran has its fixed borders just after the first world war in Pahlavi era . Amazingly main Persian cultural aspects has remained, continued, developed & flourished despite all these catastrophes, disasters, wars & occupations . even most of the invaders been influenced and inspired by its values, depth and arts such as moguls , Arabs , Indians etc. for instance after the alexander the Macedonian invasion in 320 BC,  Seleucids who were his successors Ruled in Iran for around 70 years and tried to Romanized & Hellenized every cultural aspects, but as soon as they have been beaten & succeeded by Parthians again the main cultural criteria such as religion , language , calligraphy , art & archeology changed back to what it was in Achemenian era .Iran Historical Attractions

After Arab invasion too , by the name of Islam , the new Islamic rulers and caliphs desired to alter the language and other aspects to Arabic & Arabic folks . to some extend to Islamization everything . Again they failed to success as Iranian scholars showed their talent in all fields of Art , science , philosophy , archeology , governing techniques etc. Islamic Arabic rulers had no other way but to use Iranian talents & abilities in their governmental organization. Most of the so called well known genious & sceintists came from Iran such as Avecina , Abu Reyhan Birouni , Omar Khayyam ,  Khaje Nasiroldin Tousi , Zakariya Razi & so many other ones.

Iran Historical Attractions

Shah Soleyman – Safavid Era

below you will be linked to some main historical attraction with more details for your information. we will be Glad to know your comments , questions & quotes .

Isfahan BridgesVank CathedralNaghsh JahanMenar JonbanChehel Sotoun PalaceJame Mosque IsfahanAli Qapu PalaceSheikh lotfallah MosqueAtashgah FiretempleImam Reza Holy ShrineTugrol TowerNiavaran PalaceSaad Abad PalacesIsfahan BazaarNasir Al MolkArg Of KarimkhanEram GardenGhavam HouseSaadi TombHafez TombVakil ComplexPasargadNaghsh RostamPersepolis

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