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lovely Iran
Iran means the land or Aryans also known as the Persia. It is a country located in Middle East covering an area of 1,648,195 square kilometer. Iran indeed is one of the oldest civilization centers with a long history. Historic evidences determined big empires was ruling in Iran Plateau since 3200 BC . Persian or Farsi language is the main language spoken in all around the country. Iran currency is Rials . Its area is approximately equal to Germany , France , Britain & Spain combined .

Historical Attractions & Monuments
Historical sites & monuments are the main touristy attraction of Iran. First Iranian empires dates back to 3000 years ago. Due to its geopolitical situation, Persia (Iran ) played a crucial role in the world history . so many times was invaded by its neighbors or even far enemies such as romans , moguls, Uzbeks, Turks , Russians etc. seven times during the history been totally occupied and more than 1200 wars occurred in Iran plateau ( greater Iran ) .

Religous Attractions
Iran as a great land with the enormous written history hosted different religions and still the religion has a main effect in all Iranians lifestyle . we have magnificent monuments remained from centuries in all parts of Iran belonging to different religion followers such as Muslims , Jews , Christians , Zoroastrians etc.

Daily Ordinary Iranian Life
we try to post the pictures which gives you an idea about the ordinary life of Iranians . Iranian people , their behavior & interaction with the tourists is a main tourism attraction . this is what we understood from the tourists who stayed in Iran for a short visit or long journeys as a last opinion before they go back !

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