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Ghazvin or Qazvin is a province near Tehran ( 140 km ) . Qazvin city which is the capital of Qazvin province has a long history. Qazvin was capital of Iran in different times & always played a crucial role as a political center. Qazvin weather is somehow similar to Tehran, a bit more cold in winters ( 0 to 10 C ) & hot summers ( 25 – 37 C )  .  It is known as Iranian calligraphy capital of Iran as it was the birthplace of Iranian Major calligraphy experts such as Mir Emad . Sepah Street in Qazvin is the first modern street in Iran built by Shah Tahmaseb order in safavid Era . Tourists mostly remind the main touristy cities of Iran such as Isfahan & Shiraz but believe me when I say historically Ghazvin is comparable to these cities . A day trip to this historic pearl is the least recommendation to get familiar with its wealthy monuments . apart from the historical attractions in the city center , Ghazvin is the nearest place on your way to the famous Alamut area and its historical castle . Alamut castle was the center of Hassan Sabah who ruled his followers in 13th century . Alamut means the shelter of eagle & historically is very important in Iran history .   

ghazvinQazvin Attractions are as below :

Chehel Sotoun : This Pavilion is amid a garden which is a remaining from the times that Qazvin was the Iranian capital during Safavid Era ( 1501 – 1736 AD) . Qazvin museum is also installed inside the monument mostly exhibits the calligraphy masterpieces.  Stained glass windows are magnificent. It is located in Mir Emad Square.

Caravanserai Of Saad ol Saltaneh : First must see attraction in Ghazvin city is now Saad ol saltaneh caravanserai which now is used as a boutique market to take you through the history with its magnificent ambiance. Walking through the gates , corridors , yards & boutiques gives you an amazing feeling comparable to nowhere else .

it is a well remained Caravansary ( Inn ) from Qajar Era ( 1796 – 1900 AD ) in urban area of Ghazvin with lots of rooms for travelers around five courtyard . It is located in Imam Khomeini Street near the Azadi Square.

Qajar Bath: This traditional bath is also another well remained public bath from Safavid era (1501 – 1736 AD ) of Ghazvin as the capital . There is also an anthropology museum inside of it. Qajar Bath is in the city center in Naderi Boulevard .

Cantor Church : cantor church is the smallest church in Iran & due to its architecture is a special attraction in Ghazvin city . Cantor church was built during the Second World War by the Russians who occupied north part of Iran in those days.  Cantor church is located in Ghazvin city center in Taleghani Street near Nader boulevard.

Ghazvin Jame Mosque: Ghazvin jame mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Iran which has been built on the foundation of an ancient Zoroastrian fire temple.  According to the wall releifs the mosque was built during the ruling if Arab Caliph Haroun Al Rashid ( 807 AD ) . During the time there have been so many renovations & alterations in the monument. Ghazvin Jame mosque is located in south part of the city in Dehkhoda Boulevard.

Shahzadeh Hossein Mausoleum : This monument is located in Rah Ahan street belongs to Ilkhanid Era ( 1256 – 1335 AD ) . pastoral & spiritual ambiance derived from a combination of religious & historical monument . just one porch on the northern entrance and a gate on the south tells us the architecture is even more ancient than the similar monuments in Isfahan , tabriz , Shiraz etc. northern entrance has a dome with magnificent colorful tile work .a must see attraction in your day trip in Ghazvin .


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