East Azarbaijan ( Tabriz )


East Azarbaijan , Tabriz 

East Azerbaijan is one of the critical provinces in Iran located in the north west . Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan & is the fourth biggest city after Tehran , Mashhad & Isfahan . East Azerbaijan & Tabriz especially are located in a mountainous area with very cold winters & pleasant summers . Tabriz has been always a very important political & cultural center of Iran. Two times during the Iran’s history it became the capital . Tabriz is 590 Km from Tehran which it takes 6 to 7 hours by vehicle & less than an hour by flight . Tabriz is the second industrial city after Tehran . This city & Azerbaijan overall are also well known for its candies & sweets , carpet weaving & other various handicrafts , jewelry and nuts .

east azerbaijan tabrizAttractions of Tabriz are as below :

El Goli Park : El Goli park is a historical garden with an artificial lake inside , made in Ilkhanid era (1256-1335 AD ) . There is also a palace & Luna park inside. Enchanting ambiance of This garden gives you an opportunity for a walking and even taking pictures with natural theme !

Saat Tower or T a b r i z  Municipality palace : this building is made by german archetects in 1934 . It is one of the main landmark of Tabriiz city . after almost seventy years , the building is still safe & sound & functionng as the municipality main office .  

Khane Mashrouteh : Khane Mashrouteh or constitution house is a historical & traditional house which was a main gathering place of political activists & reformists & revolutionists of T a b r i z   during the last century . this beautiful house was built in 1868 just near the main bazaar . now it becomes a museum of belongings of Tabriz politicians & activists . the architecture is like houses in center of Iran . interior yard with no window open to outside which is according to cultural beleifs of iranians which they are interested in more privacy . 

Blue mosque : Blue mosque or Kabood Mosque is a historical mosque which was built in 1460 in T a b r i z  . It is famous for its blue color tiles . blue mosque was severely damaged by the earthquake in 1770s . Blue mosque is by walking distance to Saat Square ( municipality building ) , so you can visit them at the same time . 

Saint Mary church of Tabriz : this is the oldest church of Tabriz & was built in 12th Century . Marcopolo also mentioned this church in his chronicle . although the majority of Tabriz population has been muslms but the minority of other religion followers such as christians , jews or zoroastrians lived there with mutual respect & peace . 

Tabriz Bazaar : This Bazaar is a UNESCO world heritage site . Tabriz Bazaar is the biggest covered Bazaar in the world & one of the oldest bazaars in Middle East . Bazaars are the artery in the Middle eastern cities . a place not just for trading but to  gather , interaction and even making political or social campaigns . Tabriz bazaar is still the main econimic center of east azerbaijan . 


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east azerbaijan Tabriz


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