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Ardebil , Hot Water Springs & Honey

Ardebil is a north western province of Iran near the border of Iran – Azerbaijan . this is a considerable historical area with beautiful monuments and bazaars. Also Ardebil is an eco-tourism center with its hot springs and peaks to climbe . It is 610 KM from Tehran . Ardebil has very cold winters & pleasant summers. Average temperature in winter time is -2 to 5 degree C & in summer 10 to 30 C. weather considering , we recommend you to consult with our team for the best time & program to visit Ardebil province . Ardebil city & its sorrundings needs to have a well made program to save time and energy . in the winter season it is not recommended to visit due to the very cold climate . but the summer season is so pleasant & refreshing . 

Ardebil Sheikh Safi go-to-iran.comMain attractions are:

 Sheikh Safi Tomb & Shrine ensemble : this complex contain the grave of Sheikh Safi – the founder of Sufism which is a branch of Islam with more mystic & spiritual practices. After he died in 1334 his followers constructed this ensemble for him & it became a center for Sufism gatherings. this  complex is located in the city center .

Ardebil bazaar : This Bazaar is a traditional Bazaar built during Safavid era ( 1500-1736 AD ). Carpet Bazaar Inside of this Bazaar is more famous than the other parts.  

Shourabil Lake : this sour lake is located just near the Ardebil city in an area of 180 hectare. In winter time it is mostly frozen but in spring and summer there are some water activities in there .

Sarein Hot Springs : these hot springs are located in sarein city 30 km to Ardebil city . in Spring & summer seasons people visit this city for its hot mineral springs which are believed for their healing effects specially on skin diseases .

Shirvan Valley : it is a natural resort well known for the stone shapes which is look like manmade statues . shirvan valley is located 20 km from Meshkin Shahr city & 50 km from the capital of the province .  

Ardebil Heyran Road

Ardebil Heyran Road

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