Abyaneh village


Abyaneh Village


Iran has some very special villages most well known for their different way of architecture , clothing & folklore .in our website we try to introduce these villages with details & recommend you to pay a visit which we are sure you will have wonderful memories there . Abyaneh village in Isfahan Province is one them . Most well-known for its architecture & for its red mud brick houses and the surrounding mountain terrain. Building material is in red due to the soil rich in iron oxides. The houses are arranged like steps up the hillside, so the roofs of some houses are the front yards of the next one up.

 Abyaneh people resides there for more than 15 centuries & it is one of the oldest places where Iranian ancient people called Aryans inhabited in the central Iran . there are some opinions which says from the time of the Arab invasion, when many of the Zoroastrian followers fled to the mountains and deserts to escape forced conversion to Islam.

In Abyaneh village , you will find the residents with their own way of appearance which is unique & eye catching . Abyaneh people are mostly friendly with the tourists & you can buy souvenirs of their handmade products with a little amount of dollars .

If you wish to pay a visit , we recommend you to join the city tour of Kashan to visit it along with the other Kashan City attractions , guided by our professional tour guides .


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